Online group classes timetable 

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Monday (with Marc)

7.45pm (GMT)  Mixed level (3 class fixed term starts 3 December)

Tuesday (with Marc)

 6.30pm (GMT)  Mixed level (6 class fixed term starts 6 November)

Wednesday(with Marc)

 6.30pm (GMT)  Mixed level (6 class fixed term starts 7 November)

Imagine being able to attend your favourite Yoga class without even leaving the comfort of your own home. You'll be able to see and hear your teacher as they guide you through the practice. You'll also be able to speak to them and ask questions, just as you would in a regular class. However, activating your camera (so we can see you) is optional so if you want the freedom to practise in your PJs you can!

We offer weekly live classes for just £48 on a 6 class term basis.  If you can't make your regular class you are welcome to attend one of the other classes in the same term to catch up, if you wish. 

If you have any questions about our Yoga classes or you would like our help to book your place, please call us 07935 22 12 13 or email

You can reserve your space online via the buttons below. 

Please let us know, using the comments box, which class you would like us to book you into!

Our live online mixed level classes focus on working with a mix of dynamic and static asanas (postures). They usually finish with some pranayama (breath work) and guided relaxation.  

Beginners and new starters always welcome

Call or text us on 07935 22 12 13

6 class fixed term (£48)

Online classes

Yoga classes timetable and bookings

3 class fixed term (£24) - new Monday class only